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Computershare Forms to Transfer Shares Answers and Source

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.... I also have an account in Scottrade. I want to transfer those shares from to Scottrade. Is it possible to be done? If so...

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Uniform transfer to minors, MO, law question.?
...father has left me some Wal-mart stock in the form of direct share ownership through ComputerShare's direct stock plan. ComputerShare is Wal-Mart's transfer agent. I have just checked th...

How to change address of reliance share holders?

I have 12 stocks of IBM
How much do u think its worth. they were bought in 1965. All the $$$ has been put back into the account, that it has made thanks

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$1000...Can anyone help me invest it.?
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Ninento's stock?
Where may I buy ninento's stock in the US?

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Computershare: Useful Forms
You just need to complete and sign a CREST Transfer Form for each stock ... and shares, you will need to complete the appropriate Form W-8, depending on ...

MetLife :: Investor Relations :: Shareholders' FAQ
How do I transfer my MetLife shares to my personal brokerage account? ... the Transfer Request form which may be downloaded from Computershare's website  ...

Shareowner Services: The Coca-Cola Company
How do I transfer my shares of KO stock to a new owner? ... receive instructions for printing, signing, and returning the forms to Computershare for processing.

Shareholder Information - CenturyLink | Investor Relations
If the shares are in your name, you must fill out an Irrevocable Stock Power form to transfer shares to another party. Please contact Computershare , at ...

Transfer Agent - Investor Relations - Principal Financial Group
If your shares are held at Computershare, you can access and manage your ... Viewing instructions on transferring shares; Downloading applicable forms ...

Investor Q&A | Investors | Chevron
You may purchase shares directly from the Computershare website, from a .... you transfer or sell any shares of Chevron stock held in a paper certificated form.

Transfer Agent - CME Group Investor Relations
IMPORTANT: The signature on the form must be Medallion guaranteed. The Medallion ... To transfer shares out of Computershare to a broker: Broker initiates a ...

IBM Investor relations - Stockholder services
The IBM transfer agent, Computershare Trust Company, N.A., not IBM, also ... information, print forms, issue and sell shares and order account statements.

Canadian Securities & Stock Transfer forms - Canadian DRIP Primer
Instructions to Transfer Shares (Certificate or Book Format) in Canada *Please Note: If you are ... Computer Share Transfer Form Computershare Investor ... - Registered Shareholder Account Information
Via our transfer agent, Computershare (Computershare acquired BNY Mellon ... on the Enrollment Form, and all of the cash dividends on shares purchased ...