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What type of shelter did the Cheyenne Indian have?
The Cheyenne people were nomadic and ranged over the Great Plains  in what is now South Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska, Colorado and  kansas. Since they needed to move quickly to… (MORE)

What clothing did the Cheyenne Indians wear?
well the Men and children,boys, wore breechcloths and a pair of moccasins!  the women and girls wore long deerskin dresses which were called buckskin dresses which they would… (MORE)

What state did the Cheyenne Indians live in?

What do Cheyenne Indians do for fun?
  they play hoop and dart game and ring and ping game. Doesn't sound fun at this year... :(   they play hoop and dart game and ring and ping game. Doesn't sound fun at … (MORE)

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How did the cheyenne Indians get their tribe name?
"Cheyenne" is not the real name of the tribe - they call themselves Tse-tsehese-staestse (pronounced something like tsis-tsis-tsas), which like most native tribal names means … (MORE)

What did the cheyenne Indians do at the Oregon trail?
the cheyenne indians were a key tribe that many settlers payed to have them help the settlers cross the river. the cheyenne also were a key trading tribe in the months near th… (MORE)

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Northern Cheyenne Tribe of the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation flag ... A historical buffalo jump, burial sites of Indian chiefs, the site of Custer's last camp .... We, the Northern Cheyenne People: our land, our history, our culture (2008), ...

Cheyenne (people) Facts, information, pictures | ...
Cheyenne history and cultural relations are linked to their shifting adaptations .... At funerals today, give-aways are still held before the body is buried and one full ... in the Cheyenne tribal circle when they came together to conduct ceremonies.

Gathering--Cheyenne Legacy
Custer's troops captured fifty-three Cheyenne Indians, mostly women. ... The final event was the re-burial of a victim's remains on the grounds of the Black Kettle ...

Chapter 7: Northern Cheyenne Cultural Resources - Bureau of Land ...
to culturally-valued resources, alter sacred sites or affect Indian burials. The Native .... buffaloes receive the most attention in all sorts of Cheyenne ceremonies.

What are the burial rituals of the crow and cheyenne Indians
... Native American History > Cheyenne Indians > What are the burial rituals of ... the Cheyenne Indian men wore a breech cloth which is a piece of cloth with a ...

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Also, the Sioux tribe teamed up with the Cheyenne tribe to defeat George A. Custer in the battle of the Little Big Horn. ... What are some Kwakiutl Indian customs?

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The Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation is located in present-day ... A historical buffalo jump, burial sites of Indian chiefs, the site of Custer's last camp before .... goals related to Cheyenne culture, but significant progress has been made.

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BURIAL CUSTOMS AND CEMETERIES IN AMERICAN HISTORY. The types of cemeteries and burial places that might qualify for National Register listing are ...

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Native American culture, history and genealogy of the Arapaho Indians. Covers the Northern Arapaho Tribe of Wyoming and the Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes ...