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Frenectomy | Cosmetic dentistry guide
A guide to frenectomy surgery. ... this will happen between the cheek and the gum in the back of the mouth or in the middle of the lower lip and the upper lip.
Frenectomy NJ | Lingual & Labial Frenulum - Warren Smile Center
The two frenula in the mouth include the lingual, which links the tongue to the bottom of the mouth, and the labial, which connects the upper lip to the gum ...
Understand Your Gum Surgery Options in Kansas City
Periodontal Specialists perform gum surgery in Kansas City. Learn about ... A frenum is a naturally occurring muscle attachment, normally seen between the front teeth (either upper or lower). It connects the inner aspect of the lip with the gum.
Opelaser : Plastic surgery of the frenulum of upper lip. - YouTube
Feb 26, 2013 ... Opelaser : Plastic surgery of the frenulum of upper lip. .... Lip Lift Part 04 V-Y Advancement of the Lower Lip by Dr.Young by Philip Young ...
Gum Graft Surgery, Crown Lengthening | Piedmont Periodontics
Gum grafting is one of Dr. Bartruff's specialties. This procedure is a complex and meticulous process that encompasses multiple procedures that are designed to ...
Adult Tongue-Tie | Nursing Ruby Sue
A restrictive frenulum (tongue-tie) may cause concern and often requires surgery. If the maxillary and mandibular labial frenula (upper and lower lip frenulum) ...
Frenectomy - Types, Procedure and Recovery
Jan 15, 2014 ... A frenectomy is the surgical alteration of a frenum which is a fold of tissue ... portion of tissue related to the upper lip, the tongue, or the lower lip.
Tongue Tie and Lip Tie Snipping - Penniless Parenting
Feb 20, 2012 ... That said, I've elected to have minor surgical procedures for not just one or two, ... the bottom of my mouth was normal, then I found out that no, ... According to the dentist, Lee also had an upper labial frenulum, also known as ...
Illustrations Of Periodontal Procedures - Thomas C Kelley DDS
Periodontal surgery is any surgical procedure used to treat periodontal disease or to ... by periodontal disease ( top and lower left ) are corrected ( lower right ) ... The labial frenulum often attaches to the center of the upper lip and between the  ...