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Macbeth Pictures and Symbols Answers and Source

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Macbeth Symbols?
I'm making a board game for Macbeth, and I want to put some related pictures in it. I've got the knife and the crown, but ...

What is some symbolism in Macbeth?
I have to do a project on macbeth and i have to draw a picture of an event or symbolism from the story. I am bad at drawing. What are some easy...

What are some symbols/pictures that represent lady macbeth?

URGENT help on MACBETH- 10 points best?!!!!!~~~~? have any good ideas for my character mask? I'm basically using symbolism, so what should I use to make Macbeth's hair for example, one girl in my class made his hair out of clouds and put...

Symbols for Macbeth Charecters?
For a project, I have to come up with pictures that describe Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, Banquo, Macduff, Duncan...

What can be a metaphorical symbol for Macbeth?
i dont mean for the whole play, just for the character

What picture or symbol represents betrayal?
without words and not like the boyfriend girlfriend cheating kind of betrayal, more like...Macbeth betrayal. thanks :)

Recurring Symbols in Macbeth?
I'm drawing a picture for English class and I was wondering you think would be the most prominent symbols in Macbeth to use. So far I have: 1. Vial of blood ->...

Anyone know three symbols in Macbeth? please help? i got a english assignment and i need to draw 3 pictures of different symbols that were in the play Macbeth. We only watched the movies during school...

What would be a good symbol to represent Lady Macbeth?
...we are supposed to pick two characters and draw a picture for each that is a symbol for each character and add a quote to represent it. I am doing lady macbeth but I dont know what would be a go...

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that much of the imagery and symbolism has echoes of that in the Bible. The student sheets contain five examples of image patterns in Macbeth that are worth  ...

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The other matter concerns the use of the word "symbol," which in this essay means ..... In Macbeth, for instance, the images of blood and of sleeplessness have a ...

Symbolism & Allegory - Curriculum ... pictures, flags, mottos, and many other things. For example, the ... MacBeth and Lady MacBeth.

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It causes the downfall of both Macbeth and Lady Macbeth and triggers a series of ... Murder Of A King - Hulton Archive - Stringer/Hulton Archive/Getty Images.

Macbeth Motif - Darkness Night Motif
Another motif that presides in Macbeth is darkness and night. ... Not only does this motif gives the readers an image of the setting but also helps develop the ...