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Nurses and Peritoneal Dialysis

Peritoneal dialysis and hemodialysis... ?
What are two major differences between peritoneal dialysis and hemodialysis?
What are the nursing responsibilities for patients undergoing peritoneal dialysis?
Help peritoneal dialysis?
my mom has been thinking about going on peritoneal dialysis but shes worried she would like opinions from people that ...
Renal Dialysis questions?
Explain why kidney dialysis machines are considered less effective ways to remove...
Interested to learn about home dialysis?
Dialysis/Transplant Question?
... for a person: 1. on hemodialysis 2. on peritoneal dialysis 3. with a kidney transplant Any help from doctors or nurses would be greatly appreciated!
Is it possible for patients on peritoneal dialysis for chronic renal failure to have no output (don't pee)?
I'm a 2nd year nursing student and I had a patient the other day that was on peritoneal dialysis for chronic renal failure. Anyway a conversation with his...
Can I heat up peritoneal dialysis fluid by placing the sealed bag in a warm water bag?
Would heating up the peritoneal dialysis fluid in that manner cause any harm if used for dialysis?
Questions about becoming a nurse?
I'm very confused about becoming a nurse. There are about a million specializations in nursing...
Are there any peritoneal dialysis patients on?
How do you get on with it? I'll be switching for CAPD to APD soon - any tips - bit worried about a 10 hour stretch in bed - only sleep for about 6...

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Jan 7, 2014 ... If a dressing change is needed before this time, it should be done by a specially trained peritoneal dialysis nurse using sterile techniques.
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Background: This study examined the clinical impact of peritoneal dialysis (PD) training nurses regarding Gram-positive peritonitis among incident dialysis ...
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Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) Training: What you need to know before your at-home ... In your PD training, your nurse will attach a transfer set to your catheter.
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During recovery period, - The surgical dressing is changed once a week for 2 to 4 weeks unless there is drainage. ( but it depend on the condition) - Dressing ...
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Best Practices of Peritoneal Dialysis and Home Hemodialysis in Nashville, TN ... education units for Registered Nurses and materials to train your patients.
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The Peritoneal Dialysis Unit provides training and long term management for the ... Staffed by experienced peritoneal dialysis nurses, manual and automated ...
dialysis nurse. PRINCIPLES OF PERITONEAL DIALYSIS. Instillation of dialysis fluid containing glucose, lactate, and electrolytes into the peritoneal cavity allows: .
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Peritoneal dialysis in the nursing home. Wang T, Izatt S, Dalglish C, Jassal SV, Bargman J, Vas S, Tziviskou E, Oreopoulos D. BACKGROUND: During the past ...
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Training of peritoneal dialysis nurses. Tan PC, Morad Z. Clinical disciplines in which the nurse plays as pre-eminent a role in total patient care as in peritoneal ...