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Recipe for Honey Cough Syrup Answers and Source

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Does anyone know of a homemade cough syrup with honey, lemon, and liquor? If so what is recipe?

Homemade Cough Syrup Recipes!? cough syrup and the store was sold out so I need a homemade recipe for cough syrup or anything that helps my cough!!.

How much honey for a cough?
I want to give my 4 yr old some honey for her cough but how much should I give and how many times a day? Thanks...

A 1920's recipe? 10 points for the best answer?
i need a rescipe from the 1920-30s.// nd please no short as answers nd u will earn yourselfs 10 point thank u thank u thank = ]

Anyone have the recipe for homemade cough syrup using Honey and Whiskey?

I'm sick and I need to stop coughing at least for some hours. Home remedies?
Im going to a funeral and i really dont want to be coughing during funeral so whats a way of calming it down i know cough ...

How To Make Cough Syurp?
I Want To Know How Do You Make Cough Syurp

What are some home remedies for night time coughing?

Home remedies for coughing?
Does any1 have home remedies 4 coughing?

Stopping frequent coughing?
I have a cold & no medication. I've tried Honey & lemon. I guess I need an actual cough syrup. Any homemade recipes?

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Ingredients: 4 (honey .. lemons .. schnapps .. whiskey). 2. GRANDADDY'S WHISKEY COUGH SYRUP. Boil brown sugar, vinegar and honey until a little thick, ...

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In their latest newsletter, they shared this recipe for Honey-Thyme Cough Syrup. We are happy to share this recipe with you. Be sure to take a few minutes and ...

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