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What Does the Cardinal Bird Stand For Answers and Source

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Why are cardinal birds red? Shouldn't that trait by Darwin's law evolve out?
since a red bird in a green tree (evergreen) is easily spotted by a bird of prey like a...

When is the season for Cardinal birds in Florida?
I love cardinals. I think they are birds that really stand out. I love their red feathers, and I would love to take some...

There is a little cardinal bird that comes to my window everyday for3 weeks,he sits there and pecks lightly.?
He is so sweet,

Which type of bird feeder to use?
what kind of bird feeder should i use for blue jays and which kind for cardinals im on long island so they are here i just don't know...

Why don’t birds fall out of trees when they are asleep?

If Stanford is the Cardinals, then why is their mascot a tree?
Isn't a cardinal either a bird or a Catholic something or other?

I have a bird feeder stand and need bird feeders to go with it?
I have a bird feeder stand with a water bowl, a suet cage, and 3... ganna buy a humming bird feeder and hopper feeder for the stand. Any clue what to put in the hopper...

What does the fbb stand for on az cardinals license plate?

Bird knocking on window?
We have a male cardinal who keeps knocking at our window with his beak. He stands there and knocks for several minutes at a time. We...

Will the birds return to it's nest?
a couple weeks ago a red bird laid a nest and some eggs on our porch, over the weeks we have...

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My mom sends me messages from beyond through Cardinal birds ...
May 19, 2013 ... I think seeing a Cardinal bird is a sign from my mom that she is still with ... Well, for the first time EVER we do have Cardinals living in our backyard! ..... In the house I had a really bad phone connection so I had to stand near ...

Ohio State Bird - Cardinal - State Symbols USA
Ohio designated the northern cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis) as official state bird in 1933. One of America's favorite backyard birds, cardinals are distinctive in ...

Bird Totems and What They Teach Us (11-20) - About Holistic Healing
Birds represent the air element and are also teachers of proper breathing. ... The cardinal, a red finch, is easily recognized among other birds. ... the saying "Stop to Smell the Roses" and understand this means to slow down and enjoy life.

Why So Red, Mr. Cardinal? NestWatch Explains | All About Birds
Mar 5, 2013 ... Cardinals do not migrate and can begin building nests as early as late ..... is outside my bedroom window so I can stand and watch the action.

Cardinal Tattoos And Designs-Cardinal Tattoo Ideas And Meanings
May 8, 2013 ... Cardinal tattoos are not a main stream tattoo, but they do have a following. Cardinal ... One of the more popular bird tattoos is the cardinal tattoo. The cardinal ... The bright red feathers help it stand out in a tattoo. Cardinals also ...

Spirit Walk Ministry - Bird Animal Spirits
On the positive side, it can symbolize lightness, closeness to God, and removal from worldly concerns. ... Cardinal (Redbird) --Cardinal is a reminder that this is an opportunity to .... (Mallards don't mate for life, but they do mate for the season).

What does dreaming about birds mean? - Yahoo Answers
I had a dream last night about a family of birds (cardinals) coming to visit me, they had two cute b...

Why is this cardinal flying into my window - Duncraft's Wild Bird Blog
Mar 22, 2012 ... A cardinal may tolerate a catbird nesting nearby because the birds are after different nesting locations ... -into-the-kitchen-window/ .... We stand behind our products 100%.