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What are some good jobs for pisces?

Pisces Jobs?
What is a good Pisces job? I want to be a lawyer, and I am not changing, but I am...

Is lawyer a suitable job for pisces?

What is a good job for a pisces?

What are the characteristics of a pisces?
I'm a teen born 3/3/1992 and I want to know information about my sign and its characteristics. Also what jobs are good for me.

So, steve jobs was a pisces?
I know, kinda random.. but wow, his birthday was a day before mine. Now I feel bad :(

Whats in the stars for Pisces?
for December?

Which job is good for Pisces?
It's a really silly question,some of you will think i am stupid.I am Pisces with Mars in Capricorn,Venus in Capricorn and...

Best job / career for a female Capricorn with a Pisces ascendant?
Best job / career for a female Capricorn with a Pisces ascendant? I'm idealistic but realistic at the same time

Do pisces make good bosses?
or managers?

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