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In writing, how do I describe creatively?
...english, simple sentences, literally. But I don't know how to describe creatively, you know, using idioms and other artistic words. I feel i'...

How would you creatively describe the Kremlin in Moscow? I'm writing and I'm not sure how I'd creatively describe it. It's big, white with golden domes doesn't really cut it...

Describe yourself!?

How can I creatively describe myself by using a drawing?
An idea I came up with was to draw my "desk" which would be filled with stuff I like to do/ what my personality is like.

Can you image and describe me?

How do you describe blindness creatively?
I'm looking for a poetic way to describe blindness. Please don't write "it's when you can't see"

How would you describe a supermodel?? (creatively)?

How would you describe your performance- interview question?
how would you answer this interview question.

How would you describe the action of kissing, creatively?
...too detailed (leave that to the imagination), but thoughtful. Thank you x

What is felt Sense, how can you describe it?
I've read about it but still have some doubts as to how it feels? regards

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